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Here's What's So Special About the All-New SR4:
  • 750W Max Power and Up to 28mph (45 km/h) Max Assisted Speed
  • As light as 4.5 lbs (2.0 kg) with up to 25 mile range
  • Only 6.0 lbs (2.7kg) with up to 60 mile range
  • Wireless Multi-Function Smart Remote with Throttle/Brake Control (PAS available)
  • Smartphone App for Android & iOS Provides Comprehensive Dashboard and Control Interface
  • Integrated Smart LED lighting with Front & Rear Headlights/Taillights
  • Easy-to-Carry Quick-Release Battery Pack with Integrated USB Power, Soft Switch, and LED Gauge
  • Unmatched Mounting Versatility:
    • Fits ANY Bike - Both Front and Rear wheel mounts available
    • Fits MANY Folding Bikes
    • Fits MANY Kick Scooters & Kick Bikes
    • Fits MANY Trikes and Recumbents
    • Fits MANY BikeShare systems
  • Unmatched Performance
    • Custom Sealed & Silent Motors with Smart Thermal Management
    • Industry-First Automatic Traction Control System, for Optimum Grip in Any Conditions
    • Proprietary Urethane Belt For Near-Zero Added Tire Wear
    • Completely Drag-Free When Not Engaged
    • The only friction-drive system with TRUE Regenerative Braking
    • Installs or Removes IN SECONDS

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